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Manivic’s Dance Company’s outreached activities in the community comes from word of mouth, past performances at a variety of venues. Presenters from different organizations contact the dance company through the website, email or by phone. The company performs the requested dances or provides the class lessons by appointment and/or as scheduled.

In our classes, students learn to identify the different basic steps to the Hula, Tahitian and other Polynesian and Pacific Islander dances as well as the basic dance elements through physical experience. These include the use of space in dance formations and patterns, speed in slow swaying movements of the Hula, fast hip movements in Tahitian and fast hopping and clapping in other Polynesian Pacific Islander dances.

They are encouraged to use this experience at the Beginners level to decide on whether they want to move onto the Advance level of the dances. Once they have transitioned from the Beginners level to the Advance level, they can start applying what they’ve learned by working with the group at the dance performances in theater and private events.

Most of the students of  Manivic’s Dance Company are mature adults, while the new students are in their teens. We encourage the younger students, ages 8-15 years old to start the Beginners class as soon as they can to get basic instructions and advance to group performances much sooner.

Group participation tends to enhance the tools that are important to life experience such as, cooperation, trust, respect, sensitivity, awareness, reaction, coordination and teamwork. Most of all, Manivic’s Dance company with four to ten dancers of various ages brings entertainment, instructional and cultural experiences for all to enjoy. Manivic’s Dance Company will increase the opportunity to view the dance statewide and experience different expressions of the art from various cultures.

Manivic’s Dance Company

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